Thursday, April 21, 2016

More Lake Rules!

Those spring winds are stretching the branches and buds are forming on the new shrubs that I planted last year after the loss of trees from the bad storm in July. The pontoon is uncovered and I'm getting anxious to get out on the lake again. Love to eat those fish. Time to get those lines replaced and tackle box updated! Well, as promised here are more lake rules-  Watch the sunset, Sleep in, Jump in the lake, Take a walk, Gather around the campfire and tell stories, Play, Take a nap, and of course, in everything you do here, Have fun. Bring a new game to play with the family.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


So the lake ice is gone and the waves are calm. I uncovered the pontoon boat and next look over my tackle to be ready to go. The lake is calling to me to go fishing. Besides that lake activity, there are some other things you must do when coming to Reel Livin' Resort. Plan to- SWIM, RELAX, MAKE S'MORES, ENJOY WILDLIFE! I'll post the rest of the list next week.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wild life

Here in the north woods all the critters are starting to wake up or arrive from their warmer spots. Lots of birds are here now and it's nice to hear them. I've seen Herons, Trumpeter swans, red birds and blue birds and lots of eagles, hawks and of course the robins too. We have a new coyote for the lakefront to keep away the geese! Yes, that really works. The deer are happily roaming around so be careful if you are driving up here. I did see a skunk on the road. So they must be moving, too. The squirrels keep my dog entertained. The ice is off the lake now but still not many bugs.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ice, Ice and more ice!

It  may be spring somewhere but its hard to see it here! The squirrels are poking around and some birds are back. The corn feeder always seems to need a refill. Nature in the north woods is coming alive. Some spots of green here and there are a welcome site!
You would think the ice is alive! The wind moves it around like a play toy and it makes the most interesting sounds. Sometimes it is like a metal hand saw bending rapidly and sometimes it is like the tinkling of wind chimes. And then it may sound like thunder rolling in the distance. I heard all three today!
But never fear, it all gets put together again for another year of fun in the sun and great fishing here at Reel Livin' Resort on clean, clear North Long Lake!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Lake Ice!

The fog is thick but I can still see that there is ice on the lake.It is shifting a little bit now, pulling away from the shore. Some has creeped up on the launch area. It has undercut the clump birch by cabin 1 and will have to be cut down this year as it is probably going to die. Hate to see it go. I am looking forward to a great fishing season with the family. The warmer days are coming soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

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